110-1B Stainless Steel Chains



Select Stainless Steal Chain Size (2 mm)

A Unisex Chain - Shiny, Lightweight, Durable, and Beautiful Too!

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Our solid stainless steel Snake Style Chain will never tarnish or rust. It is shiny, durable and beautiful. It can be worn with your Energy FX pendant, with other pendants, or just by itself with no pendant.

No need to remove this chain when you shower or swim, although it may become hot to touch, like any metal, if you are too long in the hot sun. This chain is a good choice for someone with sensitive skin.

The Snake Chain is unisex, therefore its design looks great on men and women. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable because of its round design with no sharp edges. The Snake Chain makes a great gift for adults and kids.

Measures 2 mm wide and comes in various lengths.

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